Indirect Sales Innovation

Working Together
The Solution For everyone
Making more and better sales
The right messaging
The right tool for the right person
Built to work with partners


Deal-based approach

The system is “deal-based” rather than an “account-based” traditional CRM. This means you can assign multiple partners, and reps, and marketing people to a single deal (the deal team) – and every deal can be different. Every player just gets a simple list of deals that they work on, and the system will then update their own account-based CRM.

A Common Sales Process

Your experts provide the questions to ask, and the materials needed to win the business. Every member of the deal team sees that same process when he opens the deal on his mobile. If it is just one person on the deal, following this expert sales process will help bring success. If it’s a team of people from different companies then that common set of messages and materials is vital to success.

Open, Auditable Collaboration

Difficult situations and channel conflict can arise in partner situations – multi-vendor campaigns, direct and indirect, etc, but committing to an open, auditable collaboration system keeps these to a minimum and provides a basis for ongoing trust. If you are serious about your partnering intentions, this is the system to use.

Sales Enablement

Best Practices

Custom Sales workflows, enables your company experts to simply embed the right questions and materials, for every campaign/product, so you know you are selling to maximum effect and customers have the confidence to buy from you.

Useful to Sales

This is a sales system that will actually help you sell. Use your mobile. Ask the right questions; follow the process. Immediate. Professional. Effective. Useful to direct sales, but priceless for pushing expertise through to partner sales.

Real time data

Use the mobile system before, during and after a call. Your interaction creates real time updates, and scoring. Your CRM is updated, but you now have a whole new world of data for you and your management.

Analytics & Data

Extensive Analytics as needed

Whether the role is selling, marketing or managing, provides extensive analytics and visualizations in real time.

Meaningful Data

When you need to evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, review the performance of channel partners or prepare a sales forecast you have access to consistent data when you need it, wherever you are.

Integrate With Existing Systems

Follow a defined sales process that tracks progress. Knowing which deals are closing and which need help enables you to provide the right assistance at the right time to get more sales.